One Bridegroom Required!

One Bridegroom Required! - Sharon Kendrick Bridal-dress designer is attracted to her new landlord. She knows he returns her attraction but is resisting it for reasons she doesn't understand. Hero doesn't tell heroine that he has a fiancee whom he's marrying for convenience than love & has been staying away from.. When heroine finds out about his fiancee, she doesn't dispel his fiancee's assumptions that she & Hero slept together when she stayed at his house for 2 weeks. As a result, his fiancee leaves him. Hero blames heroine for what happened & finally gives in to their sexual attraction but the consequences are not what he expected.

I have mixed reviews about this Kendrick book. Overall it was a good, fast-paced,& emotionally-involving read as typical of her books. I liked heroine's independence & comfort with who she is. I had some problem with the Hero, on the other hand. Although Hero had his issues about mistrusting women, it was not a good enough excuse for why he kept his engaged status a secret from heroine. And he blames her for causing his fiancee to leave him even though it was primarily his fault. I didn't like how Kendrick resolved his mistrust of heroine & judging her as promiscuous. If she wasn't a virgin when they had sex, I don't think Hero would've treated heroine as well nor apologized for the offensive things he said to her while they were having sex. Kendrick also took the easy way out re: taking the fiancee out of the picture. The ending was too abrupt & didn't resolve the Hero's underlying problems with heroine well enough.

Recommended with limitations.