Hot Rain (Zebra Romantic Suspense)

Hot Rain - Kat Martin Job-hopping heroine witnessed the boat her roommate sailed on blow up & decides to investigate further reasons for the boat's explosion by herself. Upon investigating one of the boats owned by the powerful businessman who owned the boat her roommate was killed, she finds herself trapped in it & on the way to South America with an ex-Special Force hero & 2 other men. Hero, who's covertly working for the US govt, pretends to be her lover in order to protect her from sexual intentions of the other 2 men & planned to fly her back to US when they get to their destination. But their plan goes awry as 1 of the men hear of their plan & takes them hostage. But they were able to escape as the plane they're on crashes into the jungle which conveniently leads them to the weapons' buyer who hero is setting up for a fall.

This Martin book irritated me for the most part. This romance-suspense was predictable & outlandish at times. There were many moments during the action-suspense part that were too contrived to be believable or realistic (e.g., civilian heroine had the right apparatus in her purse & the know-how to plug the bullet hole in the airplane to keep the oxygen level balanced). There were constant repetitions (every 10 pages until they had sex) of hero thinking he hated blondes & followed by a dumb-blonde joke. The dialogue was inconsistent also, where hero would talk out of character & sound like an encyclopedia or travelogue (e.g. when hero informs heroine about the poisonous snake they encountered). Although heroine was portrayed as smart & practical, she made some really stupid moves & decisions (e.g., going above deck alone despite repeated warning from hero not to & repeated threats/attempts of rape from the 2 other men, seducing hero in the same spot & right after he killed a poisonous snake that was aiming for her). It didn't help that this book was emotionally-distancing to read. The emotions were said & acted by the characters but it didn't draw me in as a reader. The sex scenes were passionate but didn't make the romance more endearing due to the overall lack of emotional draw of this book.

Can't recommend much except maybe the sex scenes.