A Woman of Passion

A Woman of Passion - Anne Mather Newly-impoverished heroine becomes a nanny for social-climbing parents on vacation to Barbados. She becomes attracted to their neighbor who is a reclusive writer. The attraction is mutual but heroine resists it. Hero happens to be the brother of the man her estranged mother left her dad for 18 yrs ago & who she eventually married. And her uncaring mother made it clear that she has her sights set on Hero.

Surprise, surprise. A Mather book that didn't leave me feeling frustrated. The writing, pacing, romance, sexual tension, & love scenes were good. Heroine was independent & practical & wasn't whiny about the negative changes in her life, especially given her pampered upbringing & recent downturn of her financial status. Hero didn't behave like some of the jerk Hero's Mather writes about at times but it bothered me that he was a bit weak-willed when it came to heroine's seductive mother. Although he talked & behaved rudely to heroine's mother, it was disturbing that he was at times fearful of succumbing to her seductive maneuvers. It may be due to his unresolved guilt & shame from being turned on by her when she tried to seduce him when he was younger. What I liked about this book that is untypical of Mather's other books is that hero & heroine actually discussed their issues at length & resolve things at the end, although heroine did tried to brush some things off but hero still explained himself.