Seduction Project (Presents Passion) (Harlequin Presents)

Seduction Project  (Presents Passion) - Miranda Lee Dowdy librarian has been pining for her best friend & playboy computer-whiz Hero since they were teens but he only attends to his computer business & sexy women. She gets a makeover to attract his attention per her friend's advice & his as well, not knowing that that he is the Mr X she's telling him about. Her makeover works at catching his & other men's attention & it bothers him. It disturbs Hero even more that she's in love with some mysterious man, which thrills heroine. But is he bothered enough to reciprocate her attraction & not get back together with his sexy GF?

The writing, pacing, & sexual tension were good. It was also sometimes funny. What troubled me about this Lee book was the 1-sided romance. The heroine pined, chased, got a makeover, & made the moves. Hero, although he was portrayed as somewhat dumb in the love department, was not convincing in his love for heroine. I did not believe that he became strongly attracted to heroine & then fell in love with her that quickly. He knew her for years & treated her only as a friend. It wasn't until she lost weight & had a makeover that he saw her as a woman. And it wasn't until she told him about her Mr. X & dressing sexily that he became physically attracted to her. He was a dog to sleep with her & it was pathetic for heroine to invite him to do so, knowing that he was getting back together with his GF of 6 months the next day. Heroine's pining for him all those years & doing what she could do be close to him was pathetic. It was also pitiful for heroine to never admit to hero that he was her Mr. X b/c she wasn't secure about his love for her. What was even sadder was that Hero found out that he was Mr. X from her friend but didn't tell her he knew b/c of her insecurity with him. She only finally believed that he loved her when she was giving birth to their son. How pathetic is that!

If you can stomach the pitiful heroine pursuing clueless hero, then read it.