The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride (Harlequin Presents)

The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride (Harlequin Presents) - Michelle Reid Widowed Brazilian heroine is in desperate need due to her family's ranch's dire financial straits. She reluctantly agrees to Hero's marriage proposal even though she knows he's doing it out of vengeance. She cruelly rejected his marriage proposal 6 yrs ago without telling him her real reasons & instead married a much older man per her father's business arrangement. Later, an unexpected financial help comes from a man who rescued her when she was child & who hero recently found out was his biological father. And the secrets begin to unfurl.

Reid's writing is good. Her writing pulls my emotions, keeps the pace quick, & dialogue interesting. Sexual tension & love scenes are passionate.

What made it a 3-star for me is the heroine's convoluted self-sacrifice. It didn't make sense & made the problems much bigger than it should have been. All heroine needed to do was tell Hero about her miscarriage as soon as it happened & save them so many complications. She didn't have a good reason to not contact him as soon as she could, like when she was at the hospital. I just didn't see what her reason was for not doing so & why that wasn't the 1st thing she talked to him about as soon as hero came back from his dad's funeral. As strong & independent as she is, heroine kept making such dumb mistakes by keeping her big secret a secret from Hero. She took away his choice by not being honest with him from the beginning & when she saw him again. She acted like a self-effacing martyr. Ugh. These self-sacrificing heroines drive me nuts! It didn't make sense to me either that she agreed to marry her 1st husband. Yes, her dad needed the money for the ranch but she didn't even struggle & find another solution, which seems so unlike her character. I felt so bad for the hero who was so in love with her & was completely baffled as to why she cruelly rejected him. Poor guy. Heroine needed to grovel for Hero's forgiveness. She's the 1 that started the whole mess.

Partially recommended.