Promises to Keep

Promises to Keep - Kathryn Shay Widowed principal is disturbed by new & attractive school psychologist's presence in her school. It heightens when she finds out that he is working undercover with a partner who's posing as a somewhat troubled high-school senior in order to stop a deadly student plot to commit violence towards the staff & students.

This was an ok romance-suspense book. There wasn't any big surprises on the suspense-action part. The main romance didn't grab me but I sure did like the 2ndary romance with the 31-yr-old teacher & 26-yr-old Secret Service agent posing as her 19-yr-old student. Unlike the main romance, the 2ndary one was more emotionally-pulling & exciting. It's sexual tension was far better than the main one. I think part of my liking the 2ndary romance is a matter of my taste. I don't find romances with older-aged couples & especially with one who has a teenaged son particularly interesting to read about. A teacher-student romance with both characters under 40 is more of my cup of tea. Shay's writing is good overall. Dialogue, flow, & characterization were fine.

Limited recommendation.