The Ways of Grace

The Ways of Grace - Linda Francis Lee Toy creator has a 1-night stand with her new & handsome ER-doctor neighbor on the night of what-was-supposed-to-be her wedding day. She gives him a fake name, runs out the second his back is turned & hopes to avoid him in the future. But they eventually see each other & both dismiss their 1-night stand as insane but not life-changing yet hero has difficulty ignoring or forgetting her. As their paths converge more often, they are increasingly drawn into each other's lives & are forced to face the fears each have been running away from.

The writing was good overall & romance had depth. I got a good look at different facets of their character & see each develop as their romance unfolds. There were some funny moments esp with the quirky heroine. There was a bit of angst as well but not in a tearjerking way. It served to clarify Hero's life choices & made me empathize with his struggles, esp with his feelings for heroine. Sexual chemistry was abundant & love scenes were ok. The pacing of this book was moderate.