Winter Bride (Top Author) (Harlequin Presents)

The Winter Bride - Lynne Graham Overworked & underpaid nanny is shocked that Hero, who she's been in love with since childhood, found her since the 2 yrs she left his dad's estate. Because of her resistance, Hero pressures her to attend to his dad's request that she & her young son see him. Her visit to his dad's estate yields more surprises. Hero's brother who Hero thinks is the father of heroine's son also shows up & the lies of the past confront everyone involved.

My lowest-rated Graham book...The heroine was foolish, helpless & immature. Even though she realized it, she didn't change. Very disappointed. Graham's other books with heroine's who acted stupid eventually redeem themselves later in the story. But this one didn't. Added to that, heroine relentlessly pursued hero who just lost his wife & young daughter 7 months before & seduced him, lied to him about being on birth control, & deliberately set out to become pregnant without telling him. She redeemed herself just a little when she felt shame & some regret over having lied to him about the birth control issue. Unlike other Graham heroines, this one was not as independent & allowed hero to financially support her & her son without much resistance at all. She was stupid to let herself be treated like a slave by her wealthy employer & stupid to let hero who thought she was a tramp & a thief pay for her living expenses.

Graham's writing is good overall but it lacked humour & emotional pull that I usually enjoy with her other books.

Cautiously recommended.