Unspeakable - Laura Griffin Newbie FBI agent is determined to advance her career & prove her theory about the recent murders of young women in a small Texas beach town. She believes the murders are caused by the same serial killer who killed a local woman 10 yrs ago. But local police & her FBI cronies try to tamp down her efforts b/c she's a woman, she's new, & her theory doesn't holds much water. So with the help of playboy real-crime writer with local PD connections, heroine hunts for the killer. In the meantime, heroine & hero try to manage their attraction to each other.

I didn't like this book as much as Griffin's [[ASIN:1439149194 Untraceable]]. Although the suspense was exciting & fast-paced, the romance was neither. The romance was clearly peripheral in this book. Much of hero & heroine's thoughts, emotions, time, & energy was spent on finding the serial killer. It didn't help that heroine was emotionally-guarded & hero didn't seem that emotionally-invested in heroine. It looked more like they got together b/c they were both single, attractive, & spent a lot of time together. The "I love you"s in the end seemed forced, as if Griffin tacked it on b/c it was romantic suspense book & had to have a HEA(happily ever after) for the couple. I'm not convinced this couple will have an HEA b/c 1.) there's a lot they don't know about each other 2.) they both tend to close-off with emotional intimacy & are not keen on sharing their personal thoughts & feelings with each other 3.) hero's womanizing history & lack of emotionally-intense feelings for heroine does not bode well for their future. Their sexual chemistry & love scenes were tepid.

Caution: don't expect an intense romance. Read it for the action-suspense.