Midnight Pleasures

Midnight Pleasures - Eloisa James Beautiful & sought-after heroine accepts proposal of dullard earl who she feels emotionally safe with. She rejects the marriage proposal of wealthy but untitled second-son Hero, although she's very attracted to him & can't stop thinking about him. She doesn't want to be hurt by him WHEN he takes up mistresses during their marriage. But hero uncharacteristically pursues her to change her mind & marry him & she does. Once they're married, heroine's expectations of his infidelity & Hero's fears about love & heroine becoming pregnant cause both to distance themselves from each other.

This James book is meaty & tightly-woven. Her writing pulled me into the romance & to care about hero & heroine. Unlike her more current books, this older James book is more focused on main characters' romance & not bogged down by other characters. I love that most of the story takes place after hero & heroine's wedding. Their Big Misunderstandings are understandable, given that they didn't know much about each other before they got married & their marital expectations are fueled by their family experiences. Hero & heroine are both likeable & flawed. Seeing their characters develop along with their romance was an exciting read. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were passionate.

Highly recommended.