His Mistress's Secret (Mistress to a Millionaire)

His Mistress's Secret - Alison Fraser Rock-star heroine is on the run from the press who's clamoring about the recent accidental deaths of her 2 fellow band members. She takes refuge in home of staid & arrogant but attractive doctor, who is also the former stepfather of 1 of her deceased bandmates. She evades his questions about the true circumstances of her bandmates' death & fights of her growing attraction to hero. Hero is baffled by the contradictions of heroine's rock-star persona & real-life personality & his attraction towards her. They both wonder if their attraction can overcome their differences.

I had to check the cover a couple times to make sure that I was reading a Harlequin Present(HP) book. This Fraser book lacks the usual drama, strong emotions, & typical characterization of the average HP. Not that it was bad, mind you, b/c it wasn't. It was just different, more like a regular Harlequin or Harlequin Superomance book. Sexual chemistry were ok. The love scenes were somewhat awkward, which was understandable given the heroine's circumstance. The characters were interesting but I wasn't emotionally drawn enough into their psyche to make me feel what they're feeling. Overall, the emotional flavor of this book was distancing. There were plenty of issues & pitiful experiences but the story-telling failed to draw me in sufficiently to make this story memorable.

Recommended if you're looking for a different HP read. Don't expect emotional or sexual fireworks though.