Desert Affair (Surrender to the Sheikh)

Desert Affair  (Surrender to the Sheikh) - Kate Walker Heroine is instantly attracted to hero while waiting at the airport VIP waiting lounge. They agree to a 1-night stand when they find out that their flights are cancelled for the day due to snow conditions. Their affair gets extended for 3 more days b/c of the weather & they take advantage of their time together by following a magazine article about how to have a super-hot affair knowing that once they fly off in different directions their affair is done b/c of their distance & hero's obligations as a sheikh's son.

I've read multiple Walker HP's before & liked her writing even though I may not have liked other issues in her books. But this book was written in an emotionally-distant, inconsistent, & awkward way. I was often conscious of reading the book & wondering what was going on with the characters & the romance. I don't know if my dislike of the heroine was because of how her character was portrayed (irascible & inconsistent) or b/c of Walker's inconsistent writing. Hero's behaviors & motives also changed but not in an understandable or believable way. I thought that hero & heroine's following the affair article step by step was fun at 1st but then it became sappy & over the top. I skipped a few pages b/c it felt too cloying. And I didn't believe that they crammed all those r/s steps in 3 days, with Christmas tree & all. Instead of making my heart melt, it made my eyes roll in disbelief!

The good thing about this book was the sexual chemistry. The book started with it & developed it well. But once they began their affair, I was disappointed at the generalized love scenes. The love scenes didn't deliver after such promising sexual chemistry.

Caution: Disappointing & inconsistent read. Sexual tension was good at 1st.