No Place to Run (A KGI Novel)

No Place to Run - Maya Banks Pregnant daughter of powerful sociopathic businessman has been on the run from her vengeful uncle for 5 months since she gunned-down her father & stole the only key to his valuable secret vault. She seeks the protection of former special-Ops Hero, who she had an affair with 5 months ago when he & his brothers were trying to find evidence against her father & she was pretending to be only a mere waitress to get info about H's group per her father's demands. When Hero learns about her real identity, he & his brothers are wary of trusting her yet protect her. The issue of trust gets pushed further when Hero's mother is kidnapped by her uncle who wants heroine in exchange for his mom.

I wasn't wowed by this Banks book. I was excited at times & irritated or even somewhat bored at other times. Action-suspense was exciting but predictable. Good emotional-involvement. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were scorching. What I had the most trouble with was heroine's characterization. It was inconsistent. She was portrayed as sweet & innocent & then hard & crass. Same thing goes with heroine switching from being strong & gritty to helpless & frail. It's not that heroine was flawed b/c I like them flawed. It's how the behavior differences were written. It seemed to occur suddenly & not have a good-enough explanation of why she's now behaving that way. The personality switches were jarring & not smooth.

The romance was only ok. I wasn't particularly convinced that Hero loved heroine until towards the end. If she wasn't in trouble, pregnant with his child, & sought him out with his family around to keep him in check, I think that he would've found her replacement soon enough.

Limited recommendation.