First You Run (Bullet Catchers Series #4)

First You Run (Bullet Catcher, #5) - Roxanne St. Claire Anthropology professor has instant attraction to security-specialist Hero who, unbeknownst to her, wants to peruse her body to find a tattoo that will prove that she's the illegally-adopted baby who's imprisoned birth mother is banking on her bone-marrow match to save her from dying of cancer. Their 1st meeting erupts in chaos as her book-speaking engagement is sabotaged by cult-like critics of her anti-Doomsday book. Subsequent threats to heroine's life & masses of stolen books indicate greater danger to heroine, which makes Hero's simple plan to locate heroine's tattoo more complicated since he ends up spending more time with her & becoming more emotionally involved with her.

There was a lot going on in this St. Claire book but it flowed really well & was easy to track. It was a fast & exciting read. Both H & h were flawed but strong & likeable characters. Hero was charming but mercenary & deceptive. Heroine was intelligent but fearful. Somehow they fit together. I really liked how Hero progressed from being flippant & deceptive in getting heroine naked to being protective & sensitive to heroine's needs. Sexual chemistry was hot &, even though it took awhile to finally happen, love scenes were hot too. The blend of romance & suspense was done well. Although there was more time spent on the action-suspense part, the sexual chemistry & emotional involvement b/w the main characters were ever-present. I like that.

Highly recommended.