Shattered - Karen Robards Lawyer heroine recently moved back to her hometown to support her increasingly-sick mother. She finds work as legal assistant for successful DA who she's had a crush on & flirted with since she was 14. She stumbles on a cold case file of a family that vanished 1 day & the mom looks exactly like her. When threats to her life start to occur, heroine & hero work together to find how heroine is linked to that mysterious family. Their close proximity to each other mobilize their longtime attraction to a simmering degree.

I love how Robards balanced romance & suspense in this book. The suspense structured the book & the romance was the central part. The suspense was exciting & wasn't gory. As the suspense built up as the mysteries started unraveling, hero & heroine's sexual tension also increased. This book made for a very quick & eager read. I liked how hero fought off his attraction to heroine for years &, when he finally succumbed to it, he broke out of his usual controlled demeanor & showed his love for heroine. Heroine was also likeable. Although she relentlessly pursued hero when since she was 14, she wasn't a doormat or pathetic about it. She dated other boys, moved out & went to college, & pursued her career. She didn't mope around & wait for hero to notice her all those years. But, when opportunity gave her a second chance to pursue hero, she did so with assertive honesty combined with her playful flirtatiousness.