The Spiral Path

The Spiral Path - Mary Jo Putney Hollywood actress tries her hand at directing a motion picture & asked her almost-ex-husband to star in her movie. He reluctantly agrees & warns her that playing his emotionally-laden role will be very hard for him. Filming the movie serves to draw them closer, brings up their unresolved marital issues, & unravels Hero's painful secrets.

Putney's books are not always hits for me. But this one was a big hit! Putney uses the movie in the story & the main character's journal entries to verbalize their struggles. Her excellent writing also manages to meld 2nd-chance romance with the uncomfortable issue of child prostitution very well. Putney handled the child-abuse trauma with such sensitivity, allowing Hero & heroine the time, space, & opportunity to heal in a realistic way. It affected their sexual intimacy as well, making their struggles even more believable.

The romance had depth. There wasn't a fast, magical resolution to their marital dilemma. I appreciated seeing Hero & heroine's character development. I really liked how Hero & heroine handled their awkward & painful interactions with maturity & not histrionics, unlike a typical romance novel. There was no Big Misunderstanding either. Their marital crisis primarily stemmed from Hero & heroine's unresolved & unshared individual struggles. Their reunion allowed them the chance to realize their individual issues & share it with one another.