Mistress for a Weekend (Harlequin Presents #2569)

Mistress for a Weekend - Susan Napier Clumsy computer tech wants to find the most dangerous-looking man at a party to have a fling with, after catching her BF in the act with her roommate & BF blaming her for being too nice & conventional. Heroine chooses attractive businessman Hero who happens to be fascinated by her social awkwardness & returns her attraction. When heroine accidentally takes his valuable computer disk & getting a look at the vital info in it, Hero abducts her to his beach house where they get to know each other more.

The 1st 1/4 of the book was fun & interesting b/c of heroine's quirkiness & Hero's surprised fascination with her. Then my interest went downhill from there. Napier failed to engage my emotions in the book & the main characters lacked emotional connection & intensity for each other. I'm not really surprised b/c other Napier books I've read lacked these qualities also. What's worse about it in this book is that even heroine doubted the extent of their emotional commitment to each other at the end. Sure, both Hero & heroine were attracted & liked each other. But deep love? No. Napier couldn't convince me with her writing. Also, heroine's clumsiness got on my nerves after awhile. What was cute & quirky at 1st looked immature & stupid later.

Caution: Light-hearted but dry romance.