The Cinderella Hour

Cinderella Hour - Katherine Stone 30yo radio-talkshow host goes back to small town to have closure with her 1st love, who was the town's black sheep when they were kids but who is now its respected & hardworking firefighter. Their quest to set things straight about their past becomes complicated as characters from their past confess to their part of separating Hero & heroine. Hero & heroine also find out that other unresolved incidents from the past are rearing its deadly heads again.

Overall, this Stone book had a poignant & angtsy childhood-sweethearts romance. Sexual tension & its very few love scenes were ok. My emotions were involved & my reading went fairly fast until the last 1/4 of the book. Basically, once Hero & heroine discussed their past fully & reconciled, the tone & pace of the book changed. The suspense part unfolded in a contrived & predictable way. It destroyed the smooth & emotional-poignant feel of the story beforehand & things became awkward & boring.

Recommended for its love story.