Heart Of The Hawk (Harlequin Presents)

Heart Of The Hawk (Harlequin Presents, No 1121) - Sandra Marton Average-looking heroine reluctantly agrees to live with successful investor Hero or else lose her 1-yr-old nephew who knows her as his mom since heroine's beautiful stepsister died. Hero just received DNA evidence that proves he is the biological father of heroine's nephew & wants what's best for him. From Hero's investigation, cocktail-waitress heroine does not seem like the best caregiver of his son but allows h to temporarily live with them until she can gradually ease herself off from his son's life. As Hero gets to know heroine, his negative assumptions about her are disconfirmed & he becomes more attracted to her. But heroine is unsure whether his attraction to her is sincere or masking another motive.

This was a pretty good 80s HP(Harlequin Presents) by Marton. Marton didn't overdo the rough love-play & i-hate-you-but-i-love-you dramatics that's so typical of 80s romance novels. This book was emotionally-involving. There was some angst & I even teared up a bit at one point. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were good as the usual Marton standard. Characters had depth, with flaws & all. I liked that Hero took responsibility of his illegitimate son from his 1-night stand with heroine's stepsister. Heroine was quite biased towards her stepsister but later was able to open her eyes to the truth about her. It wasn't so much that she was blind but highlighted heroine's loyalty to a loved one. Heroine was realistic about her looks but insecure about it when comparing herself to her stepsister in Hero's eyes. Hero was convincing in showing heroine how he found her beautiful & valuable to him.