An Unexpected Pleasure

An Unexpected Pleasure - Candace Camp NY journalist goes to England with her father & sister to find evidence re: her brother's death 10 yrs ago in the Amazon forest. She gets hired as a tutor of the twin brothers of their only suspect, a Duke's son. Her investigative search doesn't go as well as she expected: Hero doesn't fit the kind of man she thought he was, his family home is full of antiquities, & he catches her looking around a few times. Hero becomes more intrigued by heroine the more he gets to know her. As the mystery unfolds, the future of Hero & heroine's r/s is in question.

I found this Camp book average & not that exciting. The mystery was predictable. The paranormal element was only slight, which I liked. The romance was ok. It lacked emotional intensity. Actually the whole book lacked emotional pull & that's why it wasn't a riveting read for me. Sexual chemistry was fine & love scenes were ok too but it didn't do enough to increase the excitement level of my reading. I did like the main characters. I liked heroine's intelligence, independence, & loyalty. I liked Hero's sense of adventure, loyalty, & consideration for others. The other characters were written well. They were interesting & didn't distract from the romance.

Recommended with some reservations.