To Have and to Hold

To Have and to Hold - Sally Wentworth 21yo heroine is running out of excuses to justify her fiance's half-hearted responses to setting their wedding date. She's loved him & set out to marry him since she met him at age 4 (& H was 14) & her longtime dreams of marrying him is finally coming true. But hardworking & ambitious H gives her various reasons for not setting a firm wedding date & even why he won't make love to her yet. Although she tries to say positive, doubts about Hero's true motives & feelings for her begin to surface when their boss' wife inform her that Hero is only marrying her to fulfill the requirement of the work position he's aiming for.

This Wentworth book was pretty good until the end. The emotional & romance build-up was good & kept the book interesting. Most of the book was focused on how Hero delayed their eventual wedding & how heroine made excuses for him. I felt heroine's desperate hopes & fears of Hero not truly loving her. When she finally snapped out of her denial & doormat phase & started fighting back, the book was almost ending but, at the very end, she reverted back to acting like a doormat. The ending was a rushed & a weak way of reconciling Hero & heroine. I wasn't convinced Hero truly loved her. He was passive-aggressive about the r/s the whole time. And, since we only have heroine's point-of-view, we never find out what was really behind Hero's passive-aggressiveness.

Sexual chemistry was ok. Love scenes were generalized & closed-door. Characterization was so-so: there was an attempt at heroine's character growth but she ended up regressing.

Limited recommendation.
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