Unchained Destinies

Unchained Destinies (Destiny) - Sara Wood Novice book editor of small publishing company pretends to be a decorator at successful publisher Hero's office per her boss' request. Her boss wants her to find the address of a valued author who recently switched from her boss' company to Hero's. The problem is Hero catches on quickly that heroine is not truly a Cockney-descent office decorator. He thinks she's a call-girl paid to filch company secrets from him. As he tries to reform her by letting her continue to work as his office decorator, Hero has difficulty resisting his attraction towards her. And the more heroine spends time with Hero, the more convinced she becomes that her boss' negative opinions about him is off the mark.

This Wood book was an ok read. It was emotionally engaging enough. Its romance, sexual chemistry, sex scenes, & characterization was average. It was interesting to have the Hero be Hungarian & the setting be in Budapest. I liked heroine's sunny & vibrant character & her independence. Although she deceived Hero, she did it b/c she thought she was saving the marriage of her boss & his wife. Hero was an ok guy for the most part. He made himself look ruthless to others for business reasons but he cared for the downtrodden. He regretted some major past choices & tried to prevent heroine from making similar ones. What bothered me about Hero were the violent threats he made towards heroine, although he didn't act on it.

Moderately recommended.