Second Chance

Second Chance - Christy Reece Young widow hires the Last Chance Rescue team to help find her kidnapped twin daughters. Scarred Hero volunteers for the job b/c he feels responsible for attractive heroine & her kids after he accidentally killed her husband during the year he was tortured & heavily drugged by a villain. Getting straight answers from the residents of heroine's small town proves to be difficult b/c the residents' fear heroine's powerful mother-in-law who's been open about her hostility towards heroine. Having a romance while dealing with the kidnapping has its own challenges, esp with Hero's untold secret about his involvement with heroine's husband.

This Reece book was not as good as [[ASIN:0345517784 No Chance]] & [[ASIN:0345517741 Last Chance (Last Chance Rescue Trilogy 2, Book 3)]]. The suspense was predictable & romance was awkward. I thought that starting a romance while frantically looking for your kidnapped 4-year-old twins seemed distasteful & took away from the sensuality of the romance. I understood the first sex scene b/c it was more of an escape from & release of major tension for heroine. But the other times where she kept on pursuing semi-reluctant Hero was disconcerting. I felt embarrassed for her.

Heroine often displayed poor social judgment & looked stupid b/c of it. She appeared strong & independent but she was actually emotionally weak & dependent on Hero & his rescue team. She was smart to choose the right people to help her find her kids but she needed their rescuing herself & she got it time & time again. I thought Hero's guilt over accidentally killing her husband while drugged & over her kids' being abducted was misplaced. He was over-responsible. His guilt & frequent rejection of heroine's advances seemed over the top. There was a lot about this book that was over the top. The romance was sappy & the main characters were either over-responsible or overly stupid.

Overall, it's not a bad book. But compared to other Reece books, this one didn't hold as well.