The Sultan's Virgin Bride (Harlequin Presents)

The Sultan's Virgin Bride (Harlequin Presents) - Sarah Morgan Beautiful & wealthy heiress is abducted by sultan Hero to his country in order to convince her to marry him. Hero's secret plan is to marry heroine to get her shares in her father's company in order to help build a pipeline they need in his country & then divorce her 6 weeks later. Heroine can't believe Hero would now want to marry her after clearly rejecting the idea of marrying her 5 years ago. So she tries to dissuade him about her unsuitability as his wife. Hero is as adamant about marrying her & changes his tactics by romancing her & it works. When heroine finds out the truth re: Hero's reasons for marrying her, Hero has his work cut out for him in convincing her to stay with him.

Like other Morgan books, this one was emotionally involving & had passionate sexual chemistry & sex scenes. What bothered me about this book was that both main characters deceived & played games with each other. It weakened their romance & made both of them appear immature & shallow. Hero was very calculating, manipulative, & selfish. I didn't believe that he was in love with heroine all along as he later confessed, since he didn't even like her as a person & saw her as a business & pleasure tool. I was convinced that he came to love her later, after he observed heroine for himself & saw that she wasn't the spoiled & materialistic woman he thought she was. Heroine had an annoying tendency to make exaggerated threats that she didn't follow through with, especially when Hero kissed her. She was also prideful & tended to run away from Hero.

Marginally recommended.