Tears Of Yesterday

Tears of Yesterday - Mary Lynn Baxter Jeweler heroine was about to ask her estranged husband of 2 years for help in looking for her runaway teen brother but decides against it when Hero told her he filed for divorce. Hero was able to find out about her brother & gets a good defense lawyer for him. In exchange for helping her troubled brother, Hero wants heroine to live with him until her brother's case is done. Heroine reluctantly agrees but tries to avoid sleeping with him b/c she believes their r/s is only temporary. But is her willpower strong enough to make her resist their strong attraction for each other?

I didn't like this book. I'm not sure if Baxter couldn't broaden the characters behavior repertoire or she deliberately made them appear limited. Either way, Hero & heroine had a set cycle of Hero demanding & heroine avoiding. It happened so many times. It got very annoying. It was made more so with heroine's constant crying. All she seemed to do was work, get tired/sleepy, faint, & cry.

I didn't like both main characters. Aside from heroine being a big cry-baby, she liked to deny & avoid problems. When Hero tried to confront their issues, heroine unfailingly interrupted him. She didn't want to hear it or know about it. She herself kept secrets from Hero. She didn't even tell him she got pregnant or miscarried. She wanted him to somehow know something was wrong & chase after her. Hero was better about getting things out in the open. But when his efforts failed, he resorted to threats & blackmail. I don't know if he got tired of heroine's immature antics or didn't care enough for her but he also didn't make an effort to discuss their r/s problems with her when she suddenly moved out of their house 2 years before. They were both emotionally unhealthy people.

CAUTION: annoying characters.