The Baby Gambit

The Baby Gambit - Anne Mather 34yo museum curator takes a much-needed vacation to Greece to recuperate from her illness. She stays at the home of her old college friend who's been dating wealthy Greek Hero for months & set her sights on marrying him. Hero, on the other hand, doesn't share her friend's interest & is instead pursuing heroine. Heroine is attracted to Hero but keeps her distance b/c she knows that her friend is pregnant & is biding her time to announce to Hero & his illustrious family.

This Mather book has good writing, pacing, emotional pull, & sexual tension. But it was brought down by the flawed romance & characters. I was uncomfortable reading about the main characters' budding romance while heroine's friend thought that she & Hero were still together. Hero & heroine were cheating on her friend. Although Hero knew he was done with his r/s with heroine's friend, he didn't tell her yet. In fact, he used heroine's friend to get closer to heroine. It showed that he was a user & had callous disregard for others. Heroine also contributed to the cheating every time she succumbed to Hero's seductions & kissed him. I foresee a shaky marriage for these 2, especially given some of Hero's negative view about kids.

CAUTION: cheating & unhero-like Hero.