Trial by Marriage

Trial by Marriage - 26yo teacher in a Queensland ranch likes her simple but busy rural life. The new owner of the ranch isn't sure what to make of her. He's used to worldly & sophisticated women like his sister & her best friend (who used to be his fiancée). But there's something about heroine that draws him. They get married soon after they 1st have sex. But heroine starts doubting whether a companionable marriage is enough for her. She gets her answer when Hero declares that marrying her without the grand passion he felt for his ex-fiancee is what he's looking for.

Armstrong books tend to have a slow & low-key r/s progression. In this book, the main characters carefully maneuver around each other & often refer formally to each other. As the story unfolds, there's poignancy, some sexual tension, & gradual but strong development of love. Sex scenes per Armstrong's usual are closed-door. Characters are likeable & have depth.