Men of Danger

Men of Danger - Alexis Grant, Red Garnier, Lorie O'Clare, Lora Leigh Hannah's Luck by Lora Leigh -- 4

Sheriff Hero & schoolteacher heroine has had the hots for each other ever since they meet 4 yrs ago, when Hero's son was in her class & Hero was still married. Heroine asks for Hero's help due to an attempted break-in in her house. Things quickly turn sexual b/w them as the danger to heroine escalates.

Leigh does really well in developing the emotional & sexual tension of Hero & heroine. It made for some spicy sex scenes. Romance parallels the increased danger, making it a riveting read. Main characters are likeable. Both have small-town values & strong sexual desire for each other. I really liked that Hero became celibate for 4 yrs since he 1st met heroine.
Reckless & Yours by Red Garnier -- 5

For the past 7 years cop Hero is obsessed with thoughts of his secret high-school GF, who had amnesia from a murder attempt & moved away with her mother. She contacts the police after receiving a death threat when she comes back to town. Hero helps investigate the threat & doesn't volunteer info about himself when she doesn't recognize him. But heroine's memories start coming back the more she spends time with Hero. It bodes well for Hero but not for the villain.

This Garnier story was poignant, emotionally-moving, & sizzling. I loved how captivated & obsessed Hero was with his old love even through their years apart that his co-workers nicknamed his "Stalker". I could feel his pain & longing when heroine didn't recognize him. Romance was poignant & sweet & the suspense was riveting. I really enjoyed this story. It was almost perfect except for some sappy things Hero said during sex.
Tempt Me by Alexis Grant -- 2

Popular R&B artist hires a new security company due to anonymous threats she's been getting. Delta Force soldier Hero does bodyguard duty to fill-in for his sick friend. An attraction develops as Hero guards her closely during her concert tours, especially as the her death threats are linked to his friend's illness.

This Grant book had a promising start, a moderate middle, & an unfinished end. The romance, sexual tension, sex scenes, emotionality, & plot were average. I just didn't know what happened to the end. The culprits were caught & then that was it. I have no idea if Hero & heroine continue their r/s or not. Believe me, I re-checked the book 3 times.
Love Me Til Death by Lorie O'Clare -- 3

Detective heroine consults with FBI agent Hero about 3 recent murders of single women. Their investigation brings them closer to each other & the murderer hits close to home.

Pretty average story. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were the best part. Romance, characters, dialogue, & emotionality were average. Suspense was ok but ended in a rushed & unbelievable way. I just didn't believe that heroine's ex did it. The explanation was weak & ridiculous as if O'Clare run out of room & just randomly picked him b/c there were not enough pages to add in another character. I also didn't get a good explanation of why Hero hinted a few times that he wasn't a good FBI agent.