The Seduction of an English Scoundrel: A Novel

The Seduction of an English Scoundrel - Jillian Hunter Heroine is the jilted bride whom new-head-of-the-family Hero is trying to recompense for. Rake Hero is the cousin of heroine's ex-fiance who wants to pretend to court heroine to lessen the scandal & make her more appealing to potential suitors. Their attraction makes their pretend courtship appear all too real. But heroine thinks that revealing that she & her ex-fiance planned the wedding-jilt fiasco may ruin their burgeoning r/s.

This Hunter book had some funny moments. It's a light-hearted romance, with the main characters engaging in one-upmanship while trying to manage their attraction to each other. I liked Hero & heroine's witty banter & self-deprecating humor. This book is well-paced & had a good romance, sexual chemistry, & sex scenes. Characters were likeable. I liked heroine's directness, strong-mindedness, & humor. She also wasn't easily swayed by other's opinions. I liked watching Hero's adjustment from a dissolute rake to being a responsible & stable head of his family.