The Sheikh's Wife (Surrender To The Sheikh) (Harlequin Presents)

The Sheikh's Wife (Surrender To The Sheikh) (Harlequin Presents) - Jane Porter One week before her wedding, heroine is stunned when told by sheikh Hero that they're still married. Hero becomes stunned himself when he finds out that they have a son together. He whisked her off to his Middle East kingdom with intent of keeping their son with him, whether she stays with him or not. Heroine chooses to stay for her son's sake & b/c she still loves Hero. The reappearance of Hero's cousin makes her wonder if Hero will change his mind about staying married to her once his cousin spreads his lies about their past r/s.

This Porter book was emotionally-involving & had good sexual tension & sex scenes. But it had a faulty romance & faulty characters. Their romance was flawed mostly b/c Hero & heroine gave Hero's cousin a lot of power over their r/s. They believed what he said without discussing them with each other. Instead of confronting each other, Hero chooses to be mad & hurt by heroine and heroine chooses to runaway. Their reactions both highlight their pride, emotional immaturity, & preferences to avoid & deny. As in love as they were supposed to be with each other, Hero doesn't go after heroine & heroine soon finds another man to depend on. Even at the end, neither of them openly discuss how Hero' cousin almost raped her. They still chose to avoid. Heroine was a good, protective mother to her son. But, when it came to men, she was needy, attention-seeking, & spoiled.

Minimal recommendation.