The Honeymoon Contract (The Kings Of Australia) (Harlequin Presents)

The Honeymoon Contract - Emma Darcy Biographer heroine tries to avoid the mocking youngest son of wealthy family matriarch of a Queensland town. Hero believes she's scamming his grandmother based on his observation of her behavior when they toured his land together & his 1st impression of her 10 years ago. Their growing tension ultimately explodes into a sexual encounter. But Hero still shows his mistrust of heroine & heroine makes it clear that she doesn't want a r/s with him if it's only sexual.

This Darcy book had a palpable sexual & emotional tension. It has a fiery romance. I liked the heroine but not the Hero so much. I liked that heroine wasn't easily cowed by arrogant & judgmental Hero. She didn't compromise her standards just so she can be with him. She stood her ground as much as she can & went back up when she succumbed to their attraction that one time. Hero was prideful. He so feared giving in to his grandmother's schemes that he sabotaged his r/s with heroine. If it wasn't for his grandmother's warning, I don't think Hero would've put his pride aside & go after heroine. And that's why I didn't like the ending of this book. It was a bit too abrupt & heroine's pregnancy was made into the turning point for Hero to humble himself & chase after heroine. He was smart & knew that he had to convince heroine that he went after her not just b/c she was pregnant. He said his i-love-yous but then guilt-tripped her about not giving him a choice about her pregnancy. He may have become more open to heroine at the end but he still acted like a jerk.

Recommended with some provisions.