His Brother's Child

His Brother's Child - Lucy Gordon Pregnant heroine goes to Italy with her carefree boyfriend(BF) to meet his family. Meeting her BF's older brother (Hero) strikes sparks of dislike & attraction. Hero tries to buy her off from marrying her brother. Insulted heroine leaves their estate with her BF & gets involved in a car accident which kills her BF. Hero forces her into marriage with emotional blackmail. Their marriage is strained as both are secretly pining for each other but believes the other is in love with someone else.

Gordon writes such a smooth-flowing, well-paced, & emotionally-affecting book. It's not a sensual book but it has a lot of heart. It's a star-crossed love story that is complicated by heroine's romance with Hero's brother & her pregnancy with his brother's baby. Both Hero & heroine are portrayed with depth & we get both of their point of views. The only funny moment is this book was when heroine hauled Hero's ex-girlfriend out of their house by her ear. This scene just captures heroine's strong, take-no-nonsense manner, & protective character.