In Dante's Debt

In Dante's Debt  (The Galvan Brides) - Jane Porter American heroine takes up Argentinian Hero's offer to stay in his family's estate in Argentina to learn to run her family's horse business in Kentucky better. Both Hero & heroine have established an uneasy truce to manage the effects of bad business transaction between their fathers. Their magnetic attraction to each other complicates matters more especially since both have different views about marriage & children.

This Porter book was good overall. It had a good romance between 2 strong characters. They had sizzling sexual tension & sex scenes. It was written with some emotional impact, although it wasn't particularly poignant or angtsy. The main challenge was that Hero & heroine were both headstrong individuals with different standards & expectations. They were both very similar in character. They were both stubborn, over-responsible with their family, valued family honor, hardworking, & passionate. Once they resolved their differences, they have a good future together.