What I Did For a Duke: Pennyroyal Green Series

What I Did For a Duke  - Julie Anne Long Average-looking & contemplative heroine is the target of cynical duke Hero's plans for seduction & social ruination. Hero wants revenge for catching heroine's brother in bed with his fiancée. But heroine proves to be more elusive & challenging. She covertly moons over another man & does her best to avoid being alone with him & be unaffected by him. Their battle of wit & will fire up their unexpected attraction to each other. But is it enough to divert heroine's affection for the other man?

I loved, loved, loved how Long showed the romance versus telling us about it. The rich & nonverbalized thoughts & feelings of Hero & heroine are more evident in what they don't say than what they say to each other. Their silence, understated comments, subtle & quick changes in facial expression, how they look or don't look at each other speak more loudly of what's truly going on inside of them than their witty banter. I was moved by the emotions bubbling inside these 2 characters. Their sexual chemistry & sex scenes were passionate. Even just the slightest touch & physical proximity was sizzling! Other characters were peripheral but added to the tension of Hero & heroine's secret romance. I liked how Hero understood heroine when no one else did. He was inexplicably drawn to her, even though he acted like he didn't care. I loved how he became poetic about her & was annoyed by it. Heroine had a quiet intelligence, kindness, courage, & innocence that appealed to me.

Definitely read this.