Dark Heritage (Harlequin Presents)

Dark Heritage (Harlequin Presents) - Emma Darcy Australian heroine gets mistaken for the new nanny of the troublesome niece of earl Hero, when she visits his estate to investigate her mother's childhood residence. After observing the negative dynamics of Hero & his young niece, heroine volunteers to be his niece's companion for a week. Skeptical Hero reluctantly agrees & is pleased with being able to spend more time dealing with his mutual attraction with heroine. Heroine tries her best to help his niece & confront Hero with his issues re: his niece. As positive as she is, heroine is not sure if Hero is willing to let her & his niece into his heart.

I liked this Darcy book. The romance was straightforward, with Hero & heroine both open about their attraction to each other. The challenge is how Hero's attitude towards his niece determined the nature of their r/s. I liked heroine's moral standards & her willingness to stick to them no matter how tempting it was to give in to her attraction to Hero. Heroine knew herself well & was self-confident. Hero's alpha-ness hid a vulnerability to being hurt again. Yet he was able to take heroine's confrontation & was open to changing his mistakes.

Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were good as usual Darcy. Dialogue & emotional involvement were good as well, making this book a quick read.