Tasting Fear

Tasting Fear - Shannon McKenna 3 career-oriented sisters fall for successful & well-endowed alpha males who are protecting them from dangerous men pursuing them for their late adopted mother's valuable art treasure.
Nancy & Liam's story:
Heroine is a music-business manager who's wary of men & marriage due to her 3 failed engagements. All 3 fiances left her for another woman. Carpenter Hero wants heroine to take a chance on him while he risks the chance of having a home-&-hearth wife for career-focused heroine.

Nell & Duncan's story:
Part-time waitress & poetry grad student has had a crush on computer software-maker Hero who comes to the restaurant daily but is oblivious to her. It was pure coincidence that made both of them work together on Hero's software game invention. Now that he's taken notice of her Hero becomes riveted with her. Their affair makes him so obsessed with her that work becomes secondary. But Hero's oddball & analytical ways clashes with heroine's romantic & emotional needs.

Vivi & Jack's story:
Crafts designer rents the apartment in flower-grower Hero's land in Oregon to get away from danger that she & her sisters were facing in New York City. They start an affair immediately but Hero thinks heroine will eventually leave him like most people do in his life. Heroine tries to convince him otherwise but doesn't bend over backwards to do so b/c she learned to not give another man that much control of her life again.

McKenna does a wonderful job weaving 3 romances with the suspense. All 3 romances had sizzling sexual chemistry & sex scenes. I liked the romance & characters of the 1st 2 stories. The suspense also intriguing & progressed well during the 1st 2 stories. The 3rd one was not as good & the suspense at this point unraveled in a tired & predictable manner. The romance b/w Vivi & Jack & how they dealt with their on issues were messier.

Recommended with some provisions.