Never Too Hot

Never Too Hot - Bella Andre Newly-divorced heroine has made a new life for herself in the past 9 months in a small Adirondacks town. She allows scarred former-fighfighter Hero to stay in the house she's renting so he can fix up the place for his grandparents who are the house's owners. An affair soon occurs b/w these 2. Hero makes it clear that its only temporary since he's hoping to resume his firefighting job in CA & he thinks she deserves someone more stable than him. But it's not so easy to keep it casual as their connection to each other grows.

I was expecting a hot romance per its title but unfortunately didn't get one with this book. The writing, romance, & sexual chemistry were all pretty prosaic. Even the sex scenes weren't hot, although they were described as such. The main problem with this book is that it failed to come alive. The words were there but the emotional component was missing. The characters were interesting, including some of the 2ndary ones. Heroine wanted to take more control of her life instead of being busy pleasing others, while Hero wanted his former body, career, & life back but knew it was a losing battle. These were good materials for an exciting romance/story but Andre failed to make them engaging enough for me to care or remember them.

Mildly recommended.