Lady Sophia's Lover (Bow Street, Book 2)

Lady Sophia's Lover - Lisa Kleypas Impoverished viscount's daughter has worked as a domestic servant for years in order to survive since her parents died when she was a teen. She offers her household & organizational skills to work for Bow-Street-runner magistrate Hero. Her secret goal is to avenge the death of her young brother due to Hero's judgment by attempting to ruin his career & by breaking his heart. But she changes her mind later as she sees that Hero is different than what she thought he was. How will Hero react when he eventually finds out heroine's initial motives to be with him?

My 2nd read of this Kleypas book & I still enjoyed it. It had a good romance, sexual chemistry, & sex scenes. It was emotionally-involving. The writing & pacing flows well. I found the main character's ecret love affair titillating. Kleypas has a way of making the reader feel & experience the characters' story. The characters are likeable & come alive. I liked Hero's moral fortitude, caring for others, & pursuit of justice. He was cold & distant with others but hot & attached to heroine. I liked heroine's overall honesty & acceptance of her mistakes. She was not hung-up on her aristocrat background. She was a survivor & had a practical view of life. I enjoyed their honesty with one another.