Infamous - Suzanne Brockmann History writer acts as a consultant of a movie based on a biography she wrote about a famous US Marshall. She gets a visit from the great-grandson of the arch-enemy of the US Marshall who wants to inform her of some historical inaccuracies of her book. What Hero doesn't tell her at 1st is that he's getting his facts from the ever-present ghost of his great-grandfather. He shares a mutual attraction with heroine but he's cautious of getting involved with her due to his history with PTSD & alcoholism. Heroine is wary of getting entangled in another bad r/s & is skeptical about his historical claims. Her doubts about Hero's mental state diminishes as the danger around her increases & as his great-grandpa's warnings & information of ongoing crimes & people involved prove to be accurate.

I liked how Brockmann mixed present story with diary entries & old letters. It was done in a coherent way & added to the story. The romance, sexual tension, & sex scenes were good. Overall, emotional involvement was good & I even got teary-eyed at the end & found the suspense part at the end engaging. Emotional pull of the story dwindled, though, around the middle part when the characters were discussing in detail what happened or didn't happen to Hero's great-grandpa's past. It also got interrupted during the proselytizing parts of the story. I've noticed that Brockmann's been inserting her "preaching" bits in her most current books. In this book, she's preaching about religion, homosexuality, & politics of war. It really took away from the emotional tone of the story for me. It's like those annoying commercial breaks during a really engaging TV shows. I did what I do with annoying TV commercials, I skipped them.

The characters were strong & dynamic. Both Hero & heroine had their issues that made them wary about being in a r/s & they also had strengths that made them a good fit for each other. The character I found to be the most interesting & an invaluable part of the story was Hero's great-grandpa's ghost. He provided the link b/w the past & present. He greatly aided the romance b/w cautious Hero & heroine & saved their lives quite a few times too.

Recommended with some conditions.