A Lot Like Love (Berkley Sensation)

A Lot like Love - Julie James Wine store owner acts as pretend GF of undercover FBI agent to help nab her acquaintance with shady dealings in exchange for freeing her twin brother from prison. Their pretend r/s gets extended when complications arise in their undercover operation. Their heated arguments lead to a heated affair. Both believe the other only wants a temporary affair but hopes for more.

This James book had a good & vitalizing romance with strong characters. But it got encumbered by all that wine information. The 1st 1/4 of book was tedious to read because there was a lot of wine explanations & lingo plus the lack of spark b/w Hero & heroine. The romance & my interest in the book became more interesting once Hero & heroine began their fake romance. I liked how Hero & heroine's relationship progressed from wariness due to presumptions about each other to an increasingly vulnerable & sweet romance. Good sexual chemistry & sex scenes. Emotional involvement was good overall except for times it got interrupted when characters launched into detailed wine info. Characters were dynamically-written & likeable. I liked how commitment-avoidant Hero didn't fight his 1-of-a-kind feelings & attraction for heroine & how obsessive & protective he became over heroine. I liked heroine's independence, femininity, & ability to see her flaws & attempted to improve them. She could also stand her ground with sometimes domineering Hero.