Spellbinding (Harlequin Presents)

Spellbinding - Charlotte Lamb Heroine was in a coma for 8 months after a car accident with her boyfriend. She regained consciousness on the day of her boyfriend's wedding to another woman. Her former BF's older brother Hero who was against her romance with his brother reaps her hurt & anger. Yet he persists on helping her recuperate & deceives her into rehabilitating in his home. Heroine thinks he kidnapped her to prevent her from seeing his brother. She is aghast to find herself so physically drawn to hateful Hero & wonders if she's suffering from some kind of brain damage. Seeing her former boyfriend again answers her questions about her feelings for him while prompting Hero to announce their engagement to his family. How far will Hero go with their pretend engagement?

This book fits in well usual unique & dramatic storytelling with dynamic characters. Hero is forceful, poker-faced (except with anger), & arrogant but hiding a caring & thoughtful nature under his domineering surface. Heroine is physically helpless, somewhat naïve, & uncomfortable with strong emotions. Their personalities clash along with their r/s & it pulled me into story. Sexual tension, sex scenes, & pacing were good. What I didn't like was Hero's sometimes overly forceful behaviors. He was trying to control heroine's feelings for him & his brother. Fortunate for him that heroine eventually returned his affections.