Texas Glory

Texas Glory - Lorraine Heath Sheltered 26yo heroine marries wealthy rancher Hero in obedience to her father who traded her for Hero's land. She is terrified of Hero due to the negative things her brothers told her about him. Hero gives her the space & time she needs to overcome her fears before bedding her to her great surprise. Heroine's self-confidence & positive regard for him blossoms with the freedom & support he gives her. But her unscrupulous brothers' machinations & Hero's obsession with siring a son dampens her expectations for a good future with Hero.

Like most of Heath's older books, this one was written with captivating emotionality & good character development. There was some poignancy to the story as well as a bit of suspense. I liked how heroine progressed from being meek & fearful dependent to a courageous & confident hotel owner. Hero's love for heroine increased with her development. It was a touching romance where we see the process of Hero & heroine falling in love with each other. Sexual tension gradually developed as heroine begins to trust Hero & becomes aware of her physical reactions to him. Sex scenes were good & captured their love for each other.