Runaway Wedding

Runaway Wedding - Ruth Jean Dale Engaged heroine runs away to the Colorado cabin she & her family vacationed at as a child in order to rethink about her marriage decision. She soon finds out that her family no longer owns it b/c former errand-boy Hero now does. He tells her at no certain terms that she's unwelcome to the cabin his family owned for generations but that her father swindled from his family. Agreeing to heroine's pleas to stay at his cabin a few more days makes him change his mind as he views it as useful for his revenge plans. What didn't fit into his plans is his attraction to her. Heroine returns his interest but is having a tough time reaching her fiancé to stop their marriage plans.

I didn't like this Dale book much. The writing wasn't emotionally-involving & the characters lacked sufficient emotional chemistry to make it a good romance. Overall emotional tone of book was bland. It didn't stir me positively or negatively. I read things I didn't care for but it didn't touch my emotions enough to care for the characters or the outcome of the story. Heroine was too confused, indecisive, & obsequious. She had lived her life pleasing others especially her father & had a hard time standing up for herself. So she avoids conflict & runs away instead. Hero was resentful, vengeful, & bitter. He was letting his pride determine his decisions. Their romance was unhealthy. It wasn't a partnership of equals. Heroine allowed Hero to dominate & control their r/s.

Not recommended.