No Reprieve (Harlequin Presents)

No Reprieve (Harlequin Presents) - Susan Napier Reserved librarian is troubled by her psychic abilities & tamped it down as best as she can since she was a teen by being careful, unobtrusive, & uninvolved with the world outside of her books. So she's shaken when tabloid newspaper owner Hero accuses her & her eccentric aunt of fraud by giving his mother false hopes re: his missing daughter's whereabouts in exchange for a good bit of money. Heroine apologizes for her aunt's machinations & avoids any further involvement with Hero & his family. But her aunt continues to update Hero's mother about the increasing impressions heroine's been having re: Hero's daughter. Hero is soon forced to face some new realities when her visions & dreams are confirmed by the police and his attraction to heroine proves stronger than he's ever felt with any other woman.

I wasn't planning on reading the entire book b/c of the paranormal element. It was better than I expected so I read the whole thing. This Napier book is like a mini-paranormal romance. It's not too out there in the paranormal scheme of things. Heroine has a gift of sensing dark memories & events when she touches or reads about a negative incident. Her major discomfort with it is more of the focus of this book than her using her powers. She thinks she's a freak & doesn't believe that Hero would want someone like her. Getting to know heroine & new evidence via her psychic powers re: his long-lost daughter is making cynical Hero question his views about life & romance. I felt his struggles & liked that Napier didn't make him change too much or it'd have been unbelievable. Heroine's character development was also linked with her r/s with Hero & her accepting her supernatural gifts more. I liked the resolution of Hero's missing daughter. It was handled sensitively & showcased Hero's emotional development.