Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping - Connie Brockway Laidback 41yo heroine has skated through life without being responsibility for anybody. Meticulous & career-oriented 44yo Hero is surprised to be so fascinated with her & so is his begrudging 23yo genius son who lives in isolation next to heroine's family-owned vacation retreat. Finding that his anti-social son has been e-mailing her photos of his new dog makes him jump to the conclusion that heroine is conning his son with her spiritual-medium services. This puts a break in Hero & heroine's tenuous r/s. A freak accident involving Hero's son brings them together. Hero's subsequent injury & the unexpected stay of heroine's pregnant sister puts heroine in the position of caring for all of them plus the dogs of Hero's sons. These changes in Hero & heroine's usual way of life brings them closer together than ever.

This Brockway book was only ok. It's more of a chick-lit type book. The romance shared about equal space with stories about Hero & heroine's family. This book was more of an exploration of Hero & heroine's different lives & how they link with each other & various family members. Emotionality of book was tepid but that's been my average experience with chick-lit books. No major drama, no angst. It was light-hearted pretty much all the way through & serious issues like parental neglect, miscarriage, & death were approached lightly also. Sexual chemistry b/w the main characters were ok.

Moderately recommended.