Time to Dream

A Time to Dream - Penny Jordan Heroine inherits some money & a cottage in Chesire from a man she doesn't know & believes he likely picked her name at random. She's in the process of fixing up the house to sell it later when she meets a new neighbor Hero who offers to help her with the house renovation in exchange for use of her phone. Their attraction is instant & mutual but heroine is baffled by Hero's hot & cold manner towards her. She later finds out the secrets Hero has been keeping from her from a woman who calls herself his fiancée & her heart breaks. How can Hero regain her trust?

This was a relatively good book. Romance, pace, & emotionality were good. Characters were mostly likeable but had some bad points. Story was written from heroine's point of view & I felt that I knew her & felt the impact of her emotions. I sympathized with her reticence to lay out her past history & drams to inconsistent Hero. I thought she had a massive complex about being an orphan. She's now an independent adult but she's still reacting like a lost orphan child to the thought of having no family. I also didn't like Hero's resorting to deceit to get info about why his uncle let heroine inherit his possessions. He could have easily gotten his answers by asking her. He did apologize & explain himself to heroine & promised his undying love plus a marriage proposal to heroine. So he redeemed himself at the end.

Provisionally recommended.