His Sinful Secret

His Sinful Secret - Emma Wildes Heroine has many uncertainties about her new husband who she married instead of his now- older brother whom she was affianced to since childhood. Hero keeps his spy work a secret as well most things about himself except for his sexual passion for heroine. She declares her desire to know him more & tries to piece together some recent coincidental happenings in their lives. Hero becomes more distracted from his dangerous investigations by thought of heroine. And finding out about her weekly clandestine visits to a certain house arouses his usually controlled emotions.

The romance in this book was good. Wilde did well in creating love b/w Hero & heroine from being virtual strangers linked in a marriage of convenience. I found the lack of disagreements/dramatics/& game-playing b/w the 2 refreshing. Heroine was open & honest in her approach with Hero but didn't manipulate nor push him to open up to her or love her. So Hero's falling in love with someone like her was believable & endearing. It was neat to see Hero changing from being a closed-off & controlled individual to being more loving & vulnerable with heroine. Overall emotional pull of this book was average. It affected what could've been hotter sexual chemistry & love scenes. I didn't care too much about the spy stuff though. I like reading romance-suspense but the side action-suspense in this book didn't hold my interests enough & I skipped some of these pages.

Moderately recommended.