Touched By Desire (Harlequin Presents)

Touched By Desire (Harlequin Presents) - Lynsey Stevens 24yo widow is stranded in the Australian outback with good-looking accountant Hero after the plane she was piloting had engine trouble. Hero attempts to get to know her & makes his attraction to her known. But cautious heroine lets him think that her husband is still around & tries to tamp down her attraction towards him. Confronting her about what he's pieced together re: her actual marital status ultimately leads to their passionate encounter while awaiting rescue. Their rescue produces major media attention due to recent rumors of Hero's political plans. It makes heroine fear that his marriage proposal may be motivate more by his political ambitions than love.

My 1st Stevens book & I enjoyed it. The emotional involvement & writing style kept my interest in the story & made it a fast read. Hero's charm & pursuit of heroine combined with heroine's attempts to keep her emotional distance from him made for a sexy & exciting romance. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were tantalizing. I liked Hero's straightforwardness towards his desire for heroine yet he wasn't forceful about it. It was interesting to watch heroine struggle with her strong attraction to Hero & her guilt re: moving on from grieving her deceased husband.