Unveiled (Hqn)

Unveiled - Courtney Milan Duke's daughter pretends to be her ailing father's nurse so she can spy on Hero who usurped his way to be the next heir to the dukedom instead of her brothers. She's to take note of any pitfalls Hero displays that Parliament can disqualify him for & give back the dukedom to her desperate brothers. The task is more difficult than expected as she discovers how honorable & kind Hero is to everyone. He shows her unconditional acceptance no matter what faults she reveals to him. He also shows her his hidden vulnerabilities. Heroine becomes increasingly torn b/w her love for Hero & her loyalty to her family. Things come to a head when Hero has to make a decision about pursuing the dukedom. Who will he sacrifice: his brother's well-being or his r/s with heroine?

This may not be a fast-paced book but it was still good & emotionally-involving. The characters & romance were carefully & deeply drawn out. I liked how the endearing romance b/w Hero & heroine was shown by their actions & not just their words. Hero in particular consistently displayed his unconditional love for heroine & how valuable he found her to be. Heroine blossomed into a more self-assured & less society-bound person b/c of his encouragement. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were sensual & sweet. I liked how all characters displayed some redeemable traits as well as flaws.