An Independent Woman (Super Historical Romance S.)

An Independent Woman - Candace Camp 27yo debutante's companion sees her childhood best friend again after he left his family estate 15 years ago. He is now lord of his family estate & is as eager as heroine to renew their friendship. Getting fired from her employment due to her employer's disapproval of her r/s with Hero induces him to propose a marriage of convenience with her. Heroine cautiously agrees to it after he outlines the platonic nature of their marriage even though she wishes it wasn't so. Their burgeoning sexual awareness of each other soon rearranges Hero's platonic marriage plans. But the murder of their odious cousin on the eve of their wedding hinders their physical intimacies & adds danger to their household.

Not bad but not so good either. This Camp book coasted along a bland emotionality & unexciting characters & plot. The main characters' attraction & destiny was pretty obvious from the start. It doesn't deter from it until the peripheral & superfluous murder mystery towards the end of the book. No angst or poignancy even though heroine experienced some unrequited love for Hero at the start. The writing wasn't dynamic or dramatic enough to involve my emotions while reading it. It wasn't boring per se. It just wasn't exciting. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were ok.

Moderately recommended.